Universal Primer

Primers are a great optional addition to increase adhesion and longevity to a nail service. Many products do not require the need for a primer (or bonder) however, not all clients or their nails are alike. Lecenté is a brand for everyone, with rigorous planning and testing we have expanded our product range to be tailored to a clients (and nail professional’s) individual needs and desires. Proper preparation of the nail plate – including the application of the chosen primer – can help eliminate service breakdown.

The new Lecenté Universal Primer is an acid-free primer, containing an ingredient that causes a temporary change to the natural nail that helps the product adhere to the nail plate.
If using with acrylic or hard gel, apply to one hand at a time. Ensure the primer is only applied to the nail plate and does not touch the surrounding skin.
  • Acts as a double-sided adhesive for all types of Lecenté Gel Products and Acrylic.
  • Remains sticky

Apply sparingly – applying too much reduces the adhesiveness and the product will not stick as well.

For Professional use only

Safety Data Sheet

Product size: 12ml