You may be wondering why Lecenté is so different?

At Lecenté, they don’t just ‘make glitter’. Their products are made to the highest of standards and they work closely in the manufacturing process to ensure the products they are making available to nail professionals are safe to use, quality and absolutely fit for purpose.

As a brand, Lecenté want to help you maximise your business and nail art horizons, which is why you can always be assured that Lecenté products are created specifically for you – the nail professional. 

The Science Bit

If you think all glitter is the same – think again!

As nail professionals we all know how important it is to purchase your supplies from reputable brands and distributors. We like to know our products are coming from like minded professional brands who manufacture with your health and safety in mind, along with a passion to create quality products for you to work with. So why do some nail pros not feel the same way about glitter?

Why should we be giving more consideration to where we get our glitter from?

“Glitter for Nail Art is a professional product – just like liquid, powder and gel. Like any other professional beauty product, the way it is manufactured is very important, after all it’s going on a client's nails”

Here are some reasons to consider where you source your glitter from, and why Lecenté glitter ranks at the top!

  • Lecenté glitters are precision cut to eliminate rough edges, which allows the nail technician to be more precise.
  • Lecenté have their ingredients on the packaging/MSDS, this is proof of quality and that it is fit for purpose. 

  • Lecenté glitters are 100% PURE, which is rare. Others can include bacteria, glass, dangerous metals and cardboard. 

  • Lecenté uses a colour-lock technology, which means the colour won't bleed, leach or fade when used with solvents.

  • As per CIPSA guidelines, they're phthalate free. This means there's no need for severe heat or strong solvents!

  • We follow Good Manufacturing Practices, and all areas of Lecenté manufacturing is of highest standards.

  • All Lecenté products are manufactured and stored in safe, clean buildings free from contaminants.

  • Equipment used to create Lecenté is super clean and fit for task.

  • After years of education, our personnel know how to create the best glitter for you!

  • Raw materials are stored in the right environment so they are in perfect condition for you.

  • Production is taken very seriously with strict production controls in place.

  • Every glitter is the same due to laboratory controls.

  • Lecenté follow ISO 9001/14001 and ensure all manufacturing is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

  • Lecenté glitters are 95% hypo allergenic due to their complex construction, which means they are very SAFE to use!

  • The ultra fine quality allows you to use it with any system; so you can Sparkle with everything!!

So there you have it, reasons to source your nail art glitter from a pro!




What the Nail Professionals Say

Lecenté glitters are the most incredible glitters I have ever tried in my life! The quality of the products are visible in absolutely every area, from the looks right down to how they feel in the application process!! With my client base, I need to know that every product I use is exceptional quality and Lecenté provides that in abundance!" - Leah Light Celebrity Nail Stylist (@NailsByLeah)

“The highest quality holographic glitter I have ever seen!” - Holly Schippers (FingerNailFixer)

“Lecenté Glitters are by far the most amazing glitters I’ve tried so far. There’s a vast range of colours, holographic, iridescent, you name it they have it. The foils are amazing too. My number one company for glitters and foils for sure. Keep up the good work. Love them!” - Stephanie Rowlands

“I LOVE Lecenté Glitters and Foils, there is a really good range of stunning colours and designs at fair prices for such high quality products. Fantastic team who support nail techs and are always there for help and advice when needed. My clients get so excited when I get a new one in, I wouldn’t use anything else!! Xx” - Dawn Millward

“I love Lecenté Glitters so much I own them all, keep all the amazing colours coming! Kirsty x” - Kirsty Algouneh

“After testing out a large range of glitters and foils for nail art, I can confidently state these are the best in the business…the colour does not “bleed” after disperse (IPA) (unlike others I have tried) and all are long lasting and packaged beautifully. The foils are a dream to work with too :)” - Sarah Loosley

“Wouldn’t use anyone else for my clients bling!!” - Coady Dorman