Cat Eye Magnetic Powders

Amaze your clients with our latest collection of 5 stunning Cat Eye Magnetic Powders, available in a array of shades.

Our formula is not only beautiful but also cosmetic-approved, giving you the highest quality and ensuring your clients are left sparkling with dazzling finishes.

Mix a small amount into top coat, paint over the nail using the Gel 1 brush, use magnet, and cure. Do not cap. Top coat and cure again. Pigments can be mixed to create new colours and effects and can be multi-layered. We recommend working no more than 2 nails at a time due to pigments re-settling. For outstanding effects use over black. 

  • Made from 100% approved cosmetic ingredients. 
  • Very fine pigment powder.  
  • Can be used with all gel polish and air-drying polishes 
  • Easy to use 
  • No nail art experience required 

Store out of direct sunlight and heat. 


Cat Eye Bundle - FREE Magnet

Purchase all 5 of our brand New Cat Eye Magnetic Powders and receive the magnet FREE!

Ideal for achieving the highly coveted cat eye manicures, our selection of cat eye powders are perfect for creating unique nail art designs and creating a stunning galaxy effect. 

Included in this bundle

  • Neutron Star Magnetic Powder
  • Laser Beam Magnetic Powder
  • Gamma Ray Magnetic Powder
  • Dream Pool Magnetic Powder
  • Positive Charge Magnetic Powder