Show Stopper Iridescent Glitter

Showstopper Iridescent Nail Glitter is a sophisticated white glitter with a blue undertone that sparkles like micro diamonds over any base shade.

This versatile glitter is perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet classy touch to their manicure, thanks to its micro-cut design that enhances brilliance.

– Apply directly over cured gel polish for a dazzling effect, using your P1, or G1 brush, or try encapsulating in Smooth ItHard Gel, or acrylic.

– Mix into top coat to create a customized look

Choose between a standard or matte finish top coat depending on the desired style. Elevate your nail game with our Showstopper Iridescent Nail Glitter today!

The appearance of this glitter will change depending on the base colour it is applied to. 

Safety Data Sheet

How to Apply Lecenté Iridescent Glitter