Satin Grey


A must have grey for every season, this silver grey powder has a metallic finish and will be perfect for full coverage and stamping

• Specially blended 'pearlised' powders

• Will be produced in the same size as the ombré powders (our standard size glitter jars)

 • Use over all gel polishes for full coverage

• For the colour in the pot double coat over a clear base colour

• Double application increases intensity

• Perfect for stamping

• Can be used over all coloured gel polishes for multiple colour hues and effects

• Metallic effect can be achieved when mixed with any Lecenté Chrome powders

• Can be used as a filler in between glitter to create an ombré

• Mix with rainbow powder to create alternative coloured holographic powders

• Heavier style powder so less is airborne

• Mix with Layer It! to create custom colour polishes or to use when adding detail

• Add to acrylic powders and hard gels to create more colours

• Mix with water to create a water based paint

• Mix with clear polish/gel to create a highly pigmented paste for embossing

• Endless colour palette when mixed with all Gel systems, other Lecenté Powder Polishes, chromes and pigments

• Endless mixing options

• Can be used to warm or cool colours

• Can be used on all parts of the body without exception

• Does not affect removal time •

Full and proper capping must be done to ensure longevity