Nearly Clear Fibreglass Builder Base Gel (18ml)

A Nearly Clear, soakable Builder and Base gel for all nail types, especially weaker nails. Harder than standard builder gels due to thousands of tiny pieces of fibreglass that interlock over each other to create a super-strong nail structure.

Fibreglass Builder Base gel can be soaked off but we recommend infilling and rebalancing and treating it as an overlay. Perfect for nail repairs, missing corners of nails, clients who want to grow their nails to a longer length and very small extensions. Required strength/shape can be built in 1-2 coats. Strong enough to create an apex and still be flexible. Cure time is 90 seconds. Infill times 2-4 weeks. HEMA free. Made in Germany

Suitable for

  • Thin, weak problematic nails
  • Nails that have been previously damaged through incorrect product removal or over-filing
  • Clients who wish to grow their nails to a longer length than they are used to
  • Clients who are heavy handed


  • Perform nail prep as usual
  • With a 240 grit file gently remove the shine from the entire nail surface
  • Cleanse nail with dehydrator
  • Apply a layer of Fibreglass Builder Base gel, cap, cure for 90 seconds
  • Apply a 2nd thicker layer to create appropriate shape and structure for the nail, cap, cure for 90 seconds. Make sure free edge feels solid.
  • Refine Fibreglass Builder Base Gel with a 180 grit file
  • Cleanse nail with dehydrator
  • Finish service as required


We recommend working on no more than 2 or 3 nails at a time when building in shape and structure to prevent pooling of product in sidewalls and under free edge.

Safety Data Sheet

Fibre Gel Application Video