Laser Beam Magnetic Powder

Laser Beam Magnetic Powder is a very fine pigment powder that produces an Emerald Green cat eye shine effect with a radiating metallic shimmer.

Ideal for achieving the highly coveted cat eye manicures, our selection of magnetic cat eye powders are perfect for creating unique nail art designs and creating a stunning galaxy effect. 

Use with the Lecenté Magnet to create your own, individual cat eye designs.  

  • Made from 100% approved cosmetic ingredients. 
  • Can be used with all gel polish and air-drying polishes 
  • Easy to use 
  • No nail art experience required 

For best results mix the magnetic cat eye powders into your Top Coat, apply to the nail, and use the magnet to create your chosen design. Cure and then Top Coat. Please see step by steps for full details.  

We recommend working no more than 2 or 3 nails at a time due to pigments re-settling. 

Store out of direct sunlight and heat. 

Product Size: 2g

Safety Data Sheet


Magnetic Cat Eye Powders Step By Step 

Please note you can mix the Lecenté Magnetic pigments into Top Coats, gel colours, or even mix them together for extra shade effects. You only need a tiny amount as the pigment needs to be able to move around inside the product to get the desired effect. Too much and there will be no movement.  

  1. Apply your chosen base colour to your nails and cure 
  2. Put some Top Coat and your chosen cat eye pigment (you only want tiny amount, a small grain of rice size to a good ‘blob’ of product) onto your mixing palette 
  3. Mix really well with your gel brush and apply to the entire nail – do not cure  
  4. Using the Lecenté magnet, hover over the nail for a few seconds, while the pigment collects, or move into your desired design* and then when you are happy cure the nail 
  5. Top Coat and cure  

*If you are unhappy with your design when using your magnet, using your gel brush, smooth back over the design to refresh the pigment and start from step 4 again.  

The Lecenté magnet has two different magnets – one at each end. Each will create different effects and shapes. You can also slide out, or remove, the rectangular magnet from the holder to change the angle you can use it at, adjusting the polarity of the magnet for your designs. 


Cat Eye Bundle - FREE Magnet when you purchase all 5 powders!