Lecenté Silicone Torch LED Lamp

A hand held UV/LED nail torch with silicone stamper, specifically designed with glitter in mind.

Do you have trouble getting those multi glitz and chunky glitter shapes, decals, dried flowers or films to lay flat on the nail? This UV/LED nail lamp torch offers the perfect solution.

Simply apply your colour of choice and cure, followed by a layer of Smooth It!, or Top Coat (uncured).  Then place your glitter (or pieces) and using the UV/LED torch, hover and flash cure for 10 seconds, then use the silicone stamper to lightly press and flatten the glitter whilst the UV light continues to cue and holds the glitter/pieces in place.

Complete the full cure in the standard Lecenté nail lamp before applying Top Coat.

*Please clean using a lint roller only

*Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included).