Gel Tips - Clear

Soft gel nail extension tips. Fast and easy to apply. Cutting edge soft gel formula designed for convenient soak-off capabilities.

No filing needed, no dust, no odour, and no damage to natural nails! Use with Lecente Create Base Gel as an alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard Gel extensions!

4 Stunning shapes to choose in 2 lenghts

Coffin Medium/Stiletto Medium/Almond Medium/Square Medium
Almond Short/Coffin Short

Size 0-11 - sizes to fit small and wide nails
12 sizes, each size has 20pcs, 240PCS gel tips supplied in a bag

Colour: Clear

For fast, easy and long-lasting application use in conjunction with Lecente Create Base Gel, Base Gel has the perfect consistency, strength & adhesion needed for a long-lasting application!

Being a soakable gel system you can expect removal within 15-20 minutes. for short term use, tips could be applied with glue for a temporary set of full cover nails.

Application is fast, simple, and easy!

• Prep the natural nail like you would for any full set
• Etch the inside of the nail tip with either an electric file or a disposable mini buffer.
• Apply one coat of Lecente Base Gel and cure.
• Apply Lecente Base Gel to the etched inside of the nail, rock it on ensuring there are no air bubbles or gel running out to the sidewall or free edge.
• Use our UV Gel Flash Cure Torch to freeze the nail in place for 10 seconds at least before going on to the next nail.
• Once a full hand is applied you can then fully cure in the Lecente Create Lamp using the 99-second low heat mode.
• Repeat on the second hand.

Once this is all done all you can cut them down to the size & shape you want, & go wild with design and creation