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  • Quick Connect Gun

Quick Connect Gun

$56.10 NZD


Excess Volume For Faster, Darker Application of Tans. A Powerful Atomisation Of Spray Designed Especially For Spraying The Contours of The Body for Darker Results

Transform skin in an instant with this advanced spray gun designed to deliver more spray tan onto the skin with streak-free results.

This new generation spray gun provides unparalleled atomisation for longer, more uniform spray patterns giving perfect colour accuracy and a quick drying finish to the skin. Using only 30-40ml of solution per body application, it decreases overspray significantly; while ensuring that enough product is applied to the body without creating the ‘Orange Effect’ that can be caused by too much solution on the skin.

No spray tan gun on the market boasts this incredibly fine mist dedicated to spray the curves of a human body.  This spray gun is ideal for competition/event tanning or for faster application and darker results.


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