T1 Silicone Multi Tool

T1 is a nail art's best friend! Our new tool comes with five interchangeable silicone heads that are stored within the tool for safe keeping. Each head is of a different shape and size to allow for versatile use. 


Carving into wet polish to create negative spaces, tidying up placement of ‘hard gel’ onto nails, (cup head)
Perfecting smile lines, gel application, tidying wet polish to create perfect lines (round headed)
Marbling, application of hard gel for smile lines, perfecting smile line shape of gel polish, detail, drawing and line work, tidying cuticle area after product placement, ombré (point)
Lines and carving, gel and acrylic carving (slanted chisel point)
Removing product from skin, creating clean lines after gel polish has been applied, mixing glitters in to gel and glitters, pigments etc, removal of large areas of product(straight edge)
Clean with alcohol based product not acetone