Acid Washed - Neon Effect Pigment


An electric blue neon effect pigment 

These are loose powders that can be applied to the sticky inhibition layer of gel polish (for maximum brightness apply over white magic).

Use a small amount of powder with a P1 brush and gently press on. Double coat application with base coat, smooth it or Foil Gel.

Make sure no powder gets onto the free edge. Can also be mixed into acrylic powders, gels, and nail varnish at a ratio of no more than 1:3 powder to the product.

Perfect for ombre/fade nails. These can also be chromed over Layer It! for a more subtle/translucent finish.

Finish by double top coating and thoroughly capping under the free edge.

How to apply Nail Shadows

These are pure pigments and are not suitable for use on any other parts of the body apart from nails.