Acid Primer

Primers are a great optional addition to increase adhesion and longevity to a nail service. Many products do not require the need for a primer (or bonder) however, not all clients or their nails are alike. Lecenté is a brand for everyone, with rigorous planning and testing we have expanded our product range to be tailored to a clients (and nail professional’s) individual needs and desires. Proper preparation of the nail plate – including the application of the chosen primer – can help eliminate service breakdown.

The Lecenté Acid Primer works by removing excess oils from the nail plate and dries to a chalky finish Most suitable for extremely problematic clients such as those with ‘oily’ nail plates.

Clients with excessive ‘oily’ nail plates may need a 2nd application of primer after the first application has dried.

Ensure the primer is only applied to the nail plate and does not touch the surrounding skin.

*Important Info: Primer will crystallize (‘freeze’) in temperatures below 12-15°C, allow the primer to slowly acclimatise back to normal room temperature. Do not heat.

For Professional use only

Product size: 12ml

Safety Data Sheet 

Caution should always be taken with an acid primer, as it makes microscopic holes in the nail plate to enable the product to anchor itself inside for the deepest most increased level of adhesion. Use a minimum amount of acid primer and make sure it only touches the nail plate, not the surrounding skin as it may cause irritation. Apply to the center of the nail plate as the Acid Primer will soak in and naturally spread.

*Over-priming with an acid-based primer can cause chemical damage and possibly thin the nail plate over time.