Lecenté Hard Gel

A super strong yet flexible, versatile hard gel with medium/medium thick viscosity, ideal for sculpting, repairing broken nails, creating natural-looking extensions, and perfect looking natural nails.

Strong like acrylic. Can be used with forms, nail tips, or over natural nails. Designed to be infilled at each appointment.

Offering great adhesion, strength, and a high gloss finish. Designed to be chemically resistant, to be infilled/rebalanced instead of soaked off.

Clear - Glass-like, super high gloss finish.
White - An opaque white hard gel, perfect for creating natural-looking nail enhancements and the ultimate French!
Deep Pink - A versatile deep pink, nude, perfect for extending the nail bed.
Petal - A semi-opaque, soft petal pink, a subtle shade with a slight hint of warmth perfect for lip-gloss nails, nude looks and perfect for extending nail beds.
Soft Pink - A semi-translucent soft, gentle pink for nude nails, lipgloss looks the perfect French base for paler skin tones.
Biscuit - A semi-translucent, warm and cosy shade with neutral soft beige hue, a perfect base for darker skin tones
Dulce - A semi-opaque rich shade with toffee/caramel hue and warm brown undertones.

Base Coat is not needed, but use our Universal Primer for superior adhesion.


  • Use with primer
  • Medium thick consistency
  • Self-levelling
  • Odourless & HEMA free
  • 50g jar can produce up to 40 sets of nails
  • File off only
  • Acetone resistant
  • 90 seconds cure

Store upright and out of direct sunlight and heat.

Remove immediately if product gets on to the skin.

For Professional use only

Product size: 50g

Watch Laura Peat showcase these hard gels in more depth - https://fb.watch/iGpt2HONzr/

Safety Data Sheet