Yours Stamping

:YOURS Cosmetics: the home of stamping nail art

We are Yours. The stamping nailart specialist. You might know us for our popular :YOURS Loves … stamping collections, the collaborations we do with the best nailtechs in order to develop the most beautiful stamping plates. With those stamps you will create versatile and original nailart for your clients. 


:YOURS Cosmetics provides nailart professionals with the latest products and inspiration on nailart. Together with top stylists like Sascha Gossen, Dieuwertje Timmer, Fee Wallace, Maria Cientanni and Anna Lee we introduced some fresh and trendy sets of stamping plates, the :YOURS Loves … collections.


We are by far from done. Much, much more is yet to come! New collaborations, fancy designs and better products are being developed constantly. The sets are being used by thousands of enthusiastic nail techs all over the world. Are you next?