Fruit Salad

The Fruit Salad Collection is an exciting a vibrant addition to your Summer Gel Collection, designed to add a pop of bold colour and shimmer to your nail offering. Inspired by the vibrant colours of fruits, this collection offers a variety of shades that range from electric purples to vivid oranges to bright greens.  

This collection is perfect for the festival season, allowing you to express your creativity and add a splash of colour to your nail offerings. These gel polishes are also perfect for everyday wear, allowing expression of personality and style. The fruit inspired shades are perfect for those who love Summer vibes and add a pop of shimmery colour to your manicures.  

Whether your clients are out enjoying the festival season or just looking for a bit of colour in their everyday life, The Fruit Salad Collection is sure to satisfy your clients’ cravings for bold and juicy shades.