Primary Red Pigment Powder

We are excited to introduce our Primary Red Pigment Powder – a must-have for your nail art kit! It is a pure flat, highly pigmented matte powder. This bold and timeless red shade is perfect for creating classic and elegant manicures all year round – from Valentine’s Day, Halloween designs to Christmas nail art and everything in between. Mix it with other shades to create custom colours that suit your unique style.  

Whether you want to achieve full coverage or add a touch of creativity to your nail art designs, this powder is the perfect tool to elevate your looks.

IMPORTANT: This pigment powder is highly pigmented with colour and can stain surfaces. Please take extra care when using these powders and ensure surfaces / lamps etc. are covered for protection e.g. kitchen towel, couch roll, or a dark towel.

Finish by double top coating and thoroughly capping under the free edge.

Product weight: 5g

Safety Data Sheet

How to apply Nail Shadows

These are pure pigments and are not suitable for use on any other parts of the body apart from nails.