Chrome / Holographic FAQ

Lecenté™ Chrome Effect Glitter

Why have Lecenté made these products?

Lecenté have developed them to work as a tool for all nail artists using gel polishes. Providing a simple, efficient method to create the chrome look with gel polishes was a high priority. Professionals asked, Lecenté provided. Lecenté are dedicated to serving the professional with high quality products that ensure success.

How do these products affect the wear of gel polish?

The wear time of gel polish is not affected, provided the application steps are followed correctly.

Are there MSDS available for these products?

For MSDS on ALL our Lecenté products visit


Lecenté™ Layer-It

What is Lecenté Layer It?

A clear layer gel that cures in both 12-36 wt UV lamps and 295-305 nm LED lamps with no residual sticky top film after curing.

Why do I need to use Lecenté Layer It?

In order to achieve the chrome style finish, the Lecenté Chrome Powders must be applied to the surface provided by Lecenté Layer It. Applying the Chrome Powders directly to cured gel polishes with a residual tacky layer will not give the effect.

How does Lecenté Layer It cure in both types of lamps?

Layer It has been formulated to work effectively in both UV and LED lamps. Cure for 2 minutes in UV or 1 minute in LED.

Can I use Lecenté Layer It as a Top Coat?

Lecenté Layer It can also be used as a top coat over all gel polishes and nail enhancements.

How does Lecenté Layer It affect normal gel polish removal?

Expect to add 3-5 minutes to the usual gel polish removal time if using it with Lecenté powders. There is no filing or buffing required. If being used as a top coat, removal time should not be affected.