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  • Sole-ful Relax Single

Sole-ful Relax Single

$10.98 NZD



Infuses water with minerals to quickly cleanse and purify skin. Helps reduce inflammation and redness while revving circulation, bringing damaging toxins to the surface where they can be absorbed by sole-ful mask.


Leaves skin soft, glowing and amazingly receptive to deep hydration. Available in two enlightened formulas: Cane Sugar for gentle refinement and Sea Salt for invigorating exfoliation.


Exceptionally absorbent clays help capture and remove dulling, toxic impurities that can accelerate aging.


Glide your client into total relaxation while bathing skin in ultra-protective, incredibly luxurious Shea Butter. A virtually weightless blend of nourishing oils and plant extracts leave skin soft, renewed, and ready for a dazzling finish!

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