Professional Solution


Paraben Free | Cruelty-Free I Vegan I Non-Sticky Fast Drying I Perfect on ALL Skin Tones

Noir professional product base is totally revolutionary… it's neutralizing grey base has been specifically created to suit ALL skin tones! It's like nothing ever seen before!  

With our new "Grey Base" technology, you will find it hard to find a skin tone that doesn't look incredible with a Noir Tan!

Noir Professional develops in as little as  2,  4 or  6hrs (2hrs = light tan, 4hrs = med tan, 6hrs - 8hrs = dark tan)

  • One 1ltr bottle should produce between 20 & 30 applications.
  • Each full body application should take between *30ml-50ml of solution.
  • Cost to salon is between **$3.00 - $5.00 per spray tan application.

Directions: To be applied by professionals in a HVLP or airbrush machine only. Noir Tanning Solutions Professional offers one of the richest and darkest tans available. Noir will develop darker depending on processing time, for the darkest most luxurious tan apply a double coat and leave to process for 6hrs. Shake well before each use. We recommend using this product within 12 months of opening.

*individual results may vary depending on equipment/experience 
**individual cost may vary depending on the amount of solution needed as above